Chiaturmanganum Georgia LLC was founded on May 8, 2008. Over the years the company has developed and expanded:

In August 2008, the company has built the first plant – Nakhshirghele ferroalloy plant – annual capacity of 4800-5400 tons.

In 2011, the plant expanded, added furnaces and increased annual production capacity by 10800-12000 tons.

In 2012, was the next stage of re-equipment and expansion of production capacity, which resulted in increased production by10800-12 000 tons. Currently the factory produces 26400-29400 tons of ferroalloys annually.

In 2011-2012 additional workshops were added to the main factory. Two workshops were launched: mechanical workshop and foundry workshop with two induction furnaces.

In Nakshirgele company owns substation 110/35/10.

In 2009- 2010 CHMG has acquired manganese ore enrichment plant and two mini-washing plants in Chiatura.

In 2010, CHMG acquired ferroalloys plant in Rustavi, with annual production capacity 4800-5400 tons. Company as well owns substation 110/35/10 in Rustavi.

In 2013, CHMG built a manganese enchainment plant in Chiatura.

In 2015, CHMG acquired the ferroalloy plant were received, with an annual capacity of 6000-7200 tons.

Factories are equipped with modern machineries that are fully compatible to international standards. Staff are being trained systematically; our representatives are taking part in exhibitions, conferences and training courses across the country as well as abroad.

Our company’s reliable and successful image is based on highly skilled people and high quality product

As one of the most successful and socially responsible, company, CHMG is involved in many charitable, economic and social projects


On 13 August 2015 with the support and active participation of CHMG along with the leading companies in the field, was established Ferroalloys producers and manganese miners association. The goal of association is to take care of the development and promotion of the industry. The association cooperates with the government, NGOs, civil society and the educational sector in order to develop the industry and increase the share of exports.


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High quality production
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Team of professionals

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